Volunteer Levels of Clearance

The following procedures are needed for all individuals who are willing to participate in school sponsored activities. The school site will indicate on the Volunteer Packet the level of clearance you are requesting.

Level 1 Requirements

Parent, guardian or grandparent; never alone Volunteer Packet

with students Megan’s Law checked

Occasional classroom volunteer, (not more

than once per month)

Classroom Volunteer and Day Field Trip Volunteer never alone with students.

Level 2 Requirements

Parents, guardians, grandparents Volunteer Packet

and Non Parent over age 18 Megan’s Law checked


Overnight Chaperone

May be left alone with students/Under teacher direction

Classroom Volunteer more than once a month

If you are going to be driving students other than your own to any school-sponsored event during school hours, you will need to complete a volunteer personal vehicle use form available at the District Office and vehicle inspection performed by the transportation supervisor. You will also need to provide a copy of your driver’s license and proof of auto insurance, with minimum $100,000/person and $300,000/accident level of coverage to the transportation department.

Benefits of Parent Involvement

Research has shown that student achievement rises when parents and community are educational partners with the school.  In order to assure a safe and orderly instructional program, all parents, visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office before entering campus or meeting with a staff member.  As teachers are extremely busy, parents are encouraged to use phone, email and notes to make appointments for parent-teacher meetings.

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